Are You Looking For the Perfect Candidate?

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First things first, I would never deny that the perfect candidate is out there.

You could have a list of ten or fifteen qualities you must see in an applicant before you’ll pull the trigger to hire her. And you may have a history of finding these individuals. If this is the case, I’d love to have you contribute a tip or two to the Hiring Tips Newsletter!

I don’t say that sarcastically. I think it’s great when an employer sets his sights on the perfect candidate and then, with determination and patience, locates and hires these individuals.

In speaking with a number of employers, though, that perfect employee is often quite elusive. Even in times when a LOT of people are looking for work.

What do you do when you can’t find the very best person for the job?

Well, you hire the very best person you found for the job.

Let’s step back a bit. If the position you want filled is not a vital position that needs filling right now or it’s a position that you envision will create a new revenue source for the business, then “waiting it out” is doable. If this new revenue source isn’t crucial to your survival, then holding off for the “perfect” candidate can pay strong dividends here.

But if the position you need filled is key to current production, then hiring the very best that you found is likely the more practical approach.

And don’t forget, if you’re successfully hiring the perfect candidate, feel free to guest author one of the tips here. I’m sure those reading the Hiring Tips Newsletter or listening to the podcast would love to hear from you!

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