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Do you have a clear statement of the purpose of each position in your company? If not, take a bit of time and put this together.

As an example, a rough statement of the purpose of an Office Manager would be to ensure:

The specific duties of each staff member are well understood by each individual. Each individual knows how to accomplish the purpose of their specific post.

All of the positions I supervise are functioning at a high level.

Communication is moving freely and smoothly between the staff and our public and amongst the staff.

The business is profitable and viable due to my actions above.

Now that’s a rough draft of the purpose and functions of an Office Manager, and you could certainly provide a more detailed statement. So how could this be used as a hiring tip?

While interviewing your new applicant, give them a copy of this and ask them to read it over.

Then ask them two questions and listen very carefully to their answers:

  1. How do you see yourself aligning with the purpose of this position?
  2. How would you improve on this purpose?

Some applicant will give you rote answers here: “Well, I certainly would…” and they’ll essentially repeat back to you what’s on the paper.

But some applicants will seem to have a really good understanding of what’s needed and wanted for the position, and you’ll get a sense they can be operating effectively without much delay.

Either way, this segment of the interview should provide you with insight into how they will perform.

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