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I wrote an earlier hiring tip that recommended you ask very specific questions so that you can get an idea of how someone would handle different situations.

In two other tips, I suggested you take your applicant for a tour and the benefits of having your prospect “audition” for the job.

Last but not least, Devora Lindeman, an attorney specializing in employment law, wrote a hiring tip to answer the question:

Do I Pay for a “Working Interview?”

If you haven’t read those tips yet, I recommend giving them a read.

Now I’d like to make another suggestion that will help you understand your applicant’s potential.

It’s one thing to ask your prospect how he or she would handle a particular situation.

It’s another to have them SHOW you how they would do this.

Here’s an example:

Alice is applying for the Office Manager position. You could ask Alice to tell you how she would handle an employee who consistently criticizes other employees


You could ask Alice to show you right there on the spot how she would do that.

“Alice, let’s say I’m an employee that always seems to be criticizing other employees. I never have a good word to say about anyone. I even make nasty comments about the boss from time to time. I’ll be that employee and I’d like you to show me how you’d deal with that.”

And then let Alice show you how she would handle that very interesting situation.

Here’s another example:

Bob is applying for the Collections position. It could go like this:

“Bob, I’ve got this outstanding bill here for Mary Smith. It’s well over 90 days overdue. I’m going to be Mary and I’d like to drill a phone session in which you call me and discuss my bill with me.”

And now we see how Bob would deal with that.

The examples, as you can imagine, are limitless. The key here is to have your applicant SHOW you how he or she would handle something.

The more you observe how your prospect will do things, the more likely you’ll make the right hiring decision.

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