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You’ve read over his résumé. You’ve interviewed him twice. You like what you see but you’re still not sure. You don’t want to invest several weeks training only to find it didn’t work out. He could leave. You could fire him.

One idea that has been found successful is to have him work for a full day. Or maybe even several days. Give him a fairly quick understanding of what’s needed and get him rolling.

Now you’ll SEE with your own eyeballs how he responds to various work situations. You’ll see how he interacts with staff and with your customers. He’ll most likely be on his best behavior, but it should give you more of an idea of what he’ll look like in your workplace.

Why should he work for you for a full day or even several days without assurances he has the job? Good question. Here’s another question: Why should you train him for several weeks AND pay him only to find it just didn’t work out?

He could go back out and hit the streets looking for another job, or he could take that same time and work in your company and let you see some of his personal and professional skills.

If he says yes to this proposition, that alone tells you something about his character. If he says no, well, that tells you something too. It tells you he may be of a mind that he “deserves the job” or that you should be the only one making the commitment.

I’m not saying you should have some kind of “upper hand” in this process. But you are the EMPLOYER. It is your company. You’re going to invest in him. You’d like to have more reality on who this person is and will he mesh with your current staff.

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