Are They Willing to Go the Distance?


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In an ideal world, your employees are willing to work super hard to get every detail of their work duties done to the very utmost of their capabilities.

In an ideal world.

In the real world, not every employee has a very high work ethic or a keen sense of loyalty to the company.

Some employees have a watchful eye on the clock come closing time. And when that time comes, they’re out the door as fast as possible.

Others may stay a bit longer and tidy up a bit, maybe take care of a few loose ends, but they’re not going to go that extra distance.

What “extra distance” are we talking about here?

We’re talking about the employee who wants the company to succeed and is willing to put a lot on the line to make that happen. I’m not talking about unpaid overtime here or unreasonable demands of your staff.

I’m talking about an employee who sees eye-to-eye with the purpose of the company and believes his success is, to a healthy degree, tied to the overall success of the company.

Now this person’s pay may not be directly connected to this overall success (or it may be) but the person just feels it’s appropriate to be a real player, a real contributor. This person sees that even the smallest details of his job need to get done so that his performance can have a significant impact on the company’s well being.

What does all of this have to do with hiring?

Good question!

During the hiring interview, you could ask the applicant a very simple, yet very direct question:

“What would it take for you to go the extra distance here?”

The applicant may ask you to clarify “extra distance” and you can use the information given in this hiring tip to provide more understanding of what you’re looking for.

This could be an extraordinary question to ask and get answered. You may find some applicants will have a hard time with this, others more than eager to answer up.

Either way, it could provide you with additional insight into your applicant’s world.

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