How Did They Get Along With Others?


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Ask your applicant how well she got along with others at her last job (or last several jobs).

Initially you could ask this regarding your applicant’s co-workers. And then you could ask about their superiors and even the company owner, if it was the kind of job where they would have had interaction with the owner.

The first responses will usually be “social responses” and they’ll tell you they got along just fine. Do a bit of digging on this.

“Were there any particular co-workers you didn’t get along with?” If so, find out why.

You’ll also encounter a few applicants that will tell you about numerous difficulties they had with co-workers and seniors. These applicants may feel they’re being truthful, and they very well may be, but if you’re left with a low opinion of a good number of the applicant’s co-workers, then I’d be a bit concerned about your applicant.

Either way, pay close attention to the ease with which they answer these questions. If your applicant is completely at ease telling you they got along very well with others in the workplace—both co-workers and superiors—then this can be a big positive.

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