How Long Do You Want To Work Here?

The Hiring Interview

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When someone applies for a fairly important position with you, do you want that person to be with you for many years?

Are you looking to hire that perfect or close to perfect individual that will grow with your company and 10, 15 years later is part of your “family,” someone you can completely rely upon?

Well, this is a great purpose to have for a new hire.

Of course we know that person is a real gem and may not show up tomorrow applying for a position with you.

And there’s another side to this coin.

What if the applicant just wants to work with your company for a year or two to be gainfully employed and acquire valuable experience?

Are you willing to consider this individual?

If you are, I recommend you discuss it as soon as possible in the interview. Not everyone comes to the hiring interview with long range goals in mind. In today’s economy and workplace a greater percentage of applicants likely do not.

If your applicant views his career with short term goals in mind, talk it through and, if you like everything else, you may have a great hire.

And who knows? Fifteen years later, your new staff member may still be with you…a tremendous asset and contributor.

At the very least, if the two of you have an understanding of how long you intend to be together, that can have a very positive effect right from the start.

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