How Much Does Appearance Matter?

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When you walk into a room to interview a new applicant, what is the first thing you notice? Almost always, it’s the person’s appearance, right?

If the person is very well-dressed and well-groomed, that makes a very good impression, right?

Of course.

Let’s look at a couple of examples with Steve and Mary.

Now I realize this may be a bit of splitting hairs, but what if Joe is wearing a nice shirt and pants, but not a coat and tie? Does that make a difference?

If Mary shows up in a pants suit but isn’t wearing a dress, does that matter to you?

What if Mary is wearing a very casual outfit but her hair is somewhat mussed up?

If Steve’s shoes are a bit ragged, is this a problem?

All in all, appearance should definitely matter. To what degree is going to depend on your personal preferences and the type of job the person is seeking. If Steve is applying for the job packing boxes all day long, his appearance will not be as critical as it will be for the patient care coordinator position.

But how the person dresses and how the person presents himself for this all-important interview can tell you a good deal about this person. If the person does not place significant importance on their appearance in their first meeting with you, the likelihood is their appearance will be even less important in their day-to-day work.

Take a close look at your applicant. If the person makes a real effort to make a good impression with their appearance, then this is a step in the right direction.

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