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While I don’t agree with everything in the above graphic, it does give some ideas about the different “generations” we find in the workplace. I’m not big on labels, but most of us acknowledge that these different generations do have certain attributes.

I recently read an article by Lindsay Pollack in which she discusses five things employers wished Millennials had learned in college. I found it interesting and am including an excerpt here of one of those five things:

“Street Smarts”

…While employers believe it’s rude to wear ear buds in the office, Millennials are using them to focus and be more productive. While employers are horrified when a Millennial sends an email of ideas directly to the CEO, that same Millennial grew up in a world in which everyone on the planet — including the President of the United States — is accessible through social media.

If you are reading this as an employer, I suggest you make the “unspoken” rules of your workplace more accessible. For example, host professional etiquette training sessions or provide Millennials with mentors who can give them insider knowledge and answer their questions about “the way things are done around here.”

This can be helpful to you as a hiring tip.

If you’ve found working with Millennials challenging, what were the reasons for this? Was it something about their attitude toward a dress code? The methods they use to communicate? Do you feel they aren’t as loyal to you and your company as they could be? I realize these could be considered leading questions, but if there were challenges, consider listing them out and discussing them in the hiring interview.

You might be surprised with the responses you are given. Some applicants may demonstrate a resistance to fit into your work environment; others may have no difficulties doing so. Either way, it could be a fruitful topic to discuss.

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