Should I Use Employee Testing?


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There are many types of employee tests available:

— Personality Tests

— Intelligence Tests

— Aptitude Tests

There are also quite a few tests that measure workplace skills. A few examples would be typing skills, math skills, tests to measure how well someone uses Excel software, and so on.

Some of these tests are inexpensive and some cost quite a bit.

So how do you decide what would be good for you?

If you’re reading or listening to these tips, you probably know that they are provided by the Employee Testing Center. We have a very basic belief about hiring. We believe the more you KNOW about someone BEFORE you hire them, the better your hiring decision will be.

Our core service is employee testing. I cannot remember a client that we got started with who did not initially take a FREE test.

We want our clients to know precisely how accurate our test is. And, from our perspective, the best way to demonstrate that accuracy is to have the decision maker take the test.

So, in answer to the question, how should you decide what test would be good for your business, I strongly recommend you take the test yourself. It is either accurate or it’s not. There’s no room for sales gimmicks; there’s no way of fooling YOU.

To see how our employee test can help you bring better people on board watch this three minute video.

If you have ever interviewed someone and later discovered a "different" person is working for you, check out our new book How To Hire The Right People.

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