The Boss Asked You to Do What?

shutterstock_103264379Here is another interesting subject to discuss with a new applicant.

Ask them to consider the following scenario:

Your boss tells you he’s concerned about an accounting report that he recently sent off to a government agency. He confides that the report needed to be fudged and asks you to please not tell anyone about this. He’s bringing it up to you, because he thinks you’ll likely find out about this at some point.

How do you respond to your boss?

I imagine there are two basic ways the applicant could respond:

“No way I could participate in this kind of cover-up.”


“Sure, I’ll keep it under my belt.”

Perhaps there are other ways one could respond. The very unethical, opportunistic employee might consider a bit of blackmail.

But you get what I mean. The possible responses here are pretty black and white.

Once you have your answer, discuss the possible consequences of both responses. A couple of questions that come to mind: “wouldn’t you be concerned about losing your job” and, on the other side of the coin: “wouldn’t you be concerned you could be liable for the cover-up?”

Whatever comes up should be interesting.

I like gaining these insights into prospective staff. I hope you do too.

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