What Do They Read?

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You’re interviewing a new applicant and you want to find out about their reading preferences.

It could go like this:

“What books have you read in the last year?”

Notice that this question is very different from “what do you like to read?” Asking what books they’ve read in the last year is quite specific and may offer some quick insights into your candidate.

You could also ask:

“Which books do you plan to read in the next few months?

How about:

“What blogs and web sites do you read on a regular basis?”

Again, you’re narrowing in on specific areas of interest.

Additional questions could be:

“Are you taking any online courses? If so, what subjects are being covered?”

“Do you go online to research new areas pertaining to your skills? If so, tell me how you go about that?”

You could ask the very simple and direct question:

“Do you enjoy reading?”

It’s quite possible your applicant just doesn’t like to read. Is that a deal breaker? That would be up to you, but the candidate who enjoys reading and does so to enhance their skills and their enjoyment of life is, in my humble opinion, in better shape than the candidate who just doesn’t enjoy reading at all.

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