What Do You Do When They Beg For the Job?

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shutterstock_88820263Did you ever have someone apply for a job and practically beg you to come through for them?

If the person isn’t qualified for the position, then the decision is usually pretty straightforward.

But what if you’ve gone through a group of applicants and you’ve whittled it down to two people? Both have very similar qualifications. And one of them has told you he really, really needs this job. Perhaps he’s given you details of his financial situation at home, e.g. his wife is pregnant, he doesn’t have health insurance, he’s got a ton of bills from having been unemployed for a long time, and he is almost pleading with you to get the job.

How do you respond?

Do you give the job to the person who gives you this kind of detailed information about his personal and family life? Or do you give it to the other applicant who is also qualified for the position but hasn’t told you about his personal scene and hasn’t begged you to hire him?

Let’s look at some of the possibilities here.

Some of us feel it’s unprofessional for a job applicant to ask us to hire them because they’re in dire straits. Is it possible this person may also act unprofessionally in your workplace? Certainly worth considering.

As I write this tip, the US economy is in rough shape so more people are going to be in need of employment. But people handle tough times differently. Some work very, very hard to stay employed no matter what.

And I realize some of us may have hired someone who wasn’t qualified to work for us because of a soft spot in our heart. And I understand that. But if they’re not going to do a great job, then that hurts everyone, including your bottom line. The better your staff perform, the more your business expands. And expansion can mean new job opportunities for others.

This can be a tough one for some of us. If you consider what’s best for the entire business and those currently working for you and who potentially could be working for you, that should provide some insight.

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