Why Would You Hire Someone You Don’t Need?


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Now that’s an interesting question. Most of us have hired someone at one point or another that we ended up not needing.

And that’s understandable.

In this tip, however, let me make the question a bit more precise: Would you hire someone that you knew at the time of hiring that you didn’t need?

And if so, why would someone do this?

Well, one answer does come to mind. If the local economy is in rough shape and a good number of folks are out of work, you might just decide to lend a hand by hiring someone you don’t really need.

I’d say most of us have hired people we wanted to personally help with a job. We knew the person or maybe a friend or family member asked a favor.

But what if we didn’t know the person at all other than he or she was a member of the human race and a part of our local community?

If finances aren’t an issue, it might not be a bad idea to hire someone simply and only to help out the local area. This might be a means of paying something forward or simply doing a selfless act.

Unless you’re swimming in extra capital to spend, I realize this idea might seem a bit preposterous.

But there are surely things you could have this person do that would be helpful in your workplace. And if the word gets around that you hired someone you didn’t need in order to help out the local area, who knows what might happen next?

Maybe more local businesses will do the same.

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