Will They Fit In?


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We’ve heard the term “fit” for quite awhile now. Is someone a good fit for your company? Will they fit in?

Well, it’s worth a fast definition:

fit: suitable or good enough for something; similar enough to belong to a group

That second definition is interesting: Are you looking for someone who is similar enough to belong to your group?

If your people are fast-paced and aggressive, then bringing a very laid back individual on board may not work. Then again, maybe such a person will act as a nice balance for your team.

Let’s get an idea of how your applicant thinks about “fitting in” by discussing the following:

1) Ask them to define the culture at their previous job (or jobs).

2) Did you feel that you fit in? Get some details on this.

3) Were you able to improve that culture? Ask for some specifics on this.

4) Explain what your company culture is and ask them if they would feel comfortable fitting in.

5) Ask your applicant how he or she could improve on your company culture.

What you learn from this exchange should be very revealing to you.

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