You’re Not Hiring The Résumé!


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Of course this is something you know, but how often do we see a fabulous résumé and then omit doing a thorough interview as we believe we’ve got the right person?

Or worse, we conduct a hiring interview with the intention of ensuring this person gets hired. In other words, not just omitting to ask enough probing questions, we overlook a little something here and perhaps a not-so-little something there.

Again, the résumé is everything we want it to be. Even more. The person has more experience than anyone we’ve worked with at the position; the level of training is greater than required; fabulous recommendations; the list goes on and on.

So, I repeat:

You’re Not Hiring The Résumé!

Honestly, how often have we found ourselves captivated by a superb résumé, and then we find ourselves taking whatever steps necessary that end up in…

Hiring THAT résumé.

We must also determine if the person has the other important attributes. A great résumé with a not-so-great attitude or even a bad attitude will often end up being a problem for you.

Okay, I’ve made the point. I won’t pound it any further. Keep in mind you’re hiring someone in the flesh regardless of what it says on paper.

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