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Both of these books are now available as eBooks that can be downloaded and read on the computer or printed out. If you would like to make either of these books available to your contacts, we are exchanging a 40% commission for each book purchased.

We’ve set everything up so that all you would need is a “personal link” and then all of the admin is taken care of. It takes about three minutes to get this personal link set up. You can use this link in an email, on a web site, blog or even in a newsletter. You can use the link in a variety of ways online and offline.

The two books are:

The Small Business Success Manual


When the Thrill Is Gone
How to Put the Life and Excitement Back Into ANY Relationship

If this is of interest to you, read on to find out about what’s inside of each book. If this is not of interest to you and you know someone who might be interested, please forward this to them.