Employee Testing

Is It Worth the Time and Money?

It’s a very good question. Why should you spend the time and money to test prospective employees?

You know how to hire. You’ve hired plenty of good people before.

You read their résumé.

You interview them.

You look them straight in the eye and you make a decision.



And many of us have made very good decisions hiring in this way.

But some of these hires didn’t go so well. They left in a few weeks or had to be sent packing. Some simply didn’t have the skills; some didn’t get along well with other staff; some just didn’t care enough to suit you.

And some of those bad hires were expensive to you in terms of time and money.

Our basic premise is this:

The more you know about someone BEFORE you hire them, the better your hiring decision will be.

So how does one do this in today’s hiring environment?

One solution is pre-employment testing. And, after surveying hundreds of business owners, we knew our employee testing service needed to be:

• Easy-to-understand

• VERY accurate

• Affordable

We then based our marketing strategy on one simple idea:

You take a free employee test so you can see for yourself how accurate it is.

Either the test results are accurate or they’re not. You’ll know.

You know how to hire. We’re going to give you one extra tool you’ll really like having available to you.

Anyway, you get the idea. If you haven’t seen our short video that explains our employee testing service, give that a watch now. If you’re ready to take the free test, click here.