Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I be sure the tests are accurate?

We offer business owners (and executives involved in hiring decisions) a free Personnel Potential Analysis. When they find the test very accurately describes them, there will be no doubt as to accuracy.

2) What are the the specific tests that you deliver?

We provide three tests to current and potential employees.

Personnel Potential Analysis™

Many business owners have realized they need to know more about the people they’re hiring. Fortunately, this test gets right to the point. For a complete breakdown, please go to this page.

Intelligence Quotient Test

This test measures problem solving skills and the capacity to learn.

Applicants who score low on this test should not be in a position of supervising or managing others.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude measures the person’s ability to follow instructions. If an employee alters the information given to him (from supervisors, fellow staff, even customers) you will see non-optimum performance from that employee.

The ability to follow instructions (and ideally follow them exactly) is a key component in the workplace. This would also cover the subject of following company policy.

A low aptitude score can also indicate an accident-prone individual.

3) Who should take the tests?

When hiring for a particular position most of our clients will narrow it down to two or three candidates and test those individuals.

Testing existing staff is very useful when you are considering someone for promotion.

4) What other services do you offer?

Our primary services are the employee tests.

We also provide a free Hiring Tips Newsletter . The tips from this newsletter will give you ideas and tools to help you hire great staff. Our readers love it and we suggest you give it a try!

5) I have a question not covered here. How can I contact you?

Click here and you’ll be sent to our contact page.